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KLUBER is a manufacturer of lubricants leading. KLUBER have more than 2000 different lubrication products, including air compressor oil is one of the important lines of products that the company is interested in developing KLUBER.
Oil and gas compressor oil industry is very high quality of Klueber help for screw compressors, reciprocating and centrifugal, achieve new levels of operational stability and longevity. Ensure reduce maintenance costs, increase operational efficiency and increase equipment life, save energy, help compressors operate safely and environmentally friendly.
KLUBER Summit Series PS (ISO: 32,46,68,100,150)
PS KLUBER Oil Summit compressor oils are manufactured by the original high quality synthetic and mineral base, designed to lubricate and cool the compressor screw and piston.
Oil Summit KLUBER can replace the air compressor used traditional mineral oil type before. This oil field is neutral for most types of seals used in John compressor, so the risk of oil leakage is eliminated.
KLUBER Oil Summit has a good balance of oxygen radicals generated by synthetic oil, thus reducing residual oxides in air compressor and prolong routine maintenance as well as extend oil change, oil filter and separating. Inhibitors in the composition of the oil will keep the side of the unit clean and increase operational efficiency.
KLUBER Summit Series SB (ISO: 46, 68)
SB 46 and SB Include 68. Designed to ensure lubrication and cooling excellent for screw air compressors. Field SB ensure oil change intervals up to 8000 hours for most of the different compressors.
Field KLUBER Summit SH (ISO 32, 46, 68.100)
SH Series is a high quality oil line that is designed with a special additive system used for the compressor. Oil Field is recommended for piston compressors, screw and cup oil-change tam.Thoi up to 10,000 hours.
KLUBER Ultima Series
Oil Field was designed to compete with any synthetic oils on the market. It is compatible with the OEM oils available in the compressor and ensure oil change intervals of 12,000 hours. In particular, this line was buried oil for oil bath air compressor to operate at higher pressures and temperatures above 125 degrees Celsius 10bars.
KLUBER Summit DSL line
Field-based synthetic oil base with dual esters latest additive technology. We are exceptionally resistant to oxidation and thermal neutral and high lubrication. The anti-scaling additive is added to ensure the protection of the compressor in the harsh conditions such as startup or overload. DSL line is particularly suitable for the transmission of the piston and piston machines.
DSL DSL 32 to 100 synthetic oil is also possible biodegradable, suitable for sensitive applications such as environmental waste water treatment projects.
KLUBER Summit Series 32 and Supra Supra Coolant
Synthetic oil flow is dedicated to the compressor shaft vit.Cau esters architecture allows multiple lines super cooling effect while doing good anti-scaling function, protects bearings and beat all kinds of mineral oil other traditions. Oil change intervals of 8,000 hours.
Field KLUBER Food grade
KLUBER supply air compressor oil line especially for applications in the pharmaceutical and food processing. Oil Field is fully synthetic oil line but completely miscible with mineral oils and other synthetics.
There are two lines of food grade oil is Hysyn FG and FG. Both top line capable of sustained high antioxidant, reducing residual oxides when running machine and extend oil change, filter change.
Hysyn FG Series for machine screw, vane and piston machines. 4000-hour oil change intervals
Field FG allow oil change intervals of 5000 hours
KLUBER Summit Varnasolv
Detergents to clean the inside of the device without removing the machine is applicable to all types of compressors and all kinds of lubricating oil. Just remove 10% less oil is used and supplemented by Varnasolv. Operations continued 40-60h depending on the degree of plant residue. Stop the machine and remove all the oil is still hot. Replace the oil filter and cup. Pour into the new lubricant can continue to operate.
Note: If the amount is too much residue can clog filters and oil separators and can be done twice to completely clean the device. Detergents can also be used for cleaning sealed gearbox with multiple residues due to working conditions.
KLUBER Summit T.A.N. kit
As the analysis of the oil in place KLUBER. Especially suited to the needs analysis compressor oil in place. Results of the analysis will help determine the quality limits.
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