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Air/ gas compressors cylinders
- Cylinders are manufactured by greaded cast iron with OEM specifications and dimensions. Cylinders are available in all range for Aircooled and watercooled compressors.
- Cylinders are perfectly bored & honed on verticle boring machine and honing machine with all
- The length & bore of cylinder is properly maintained as per OEM for correct stroke & flow of unit.
Air/ gas compressors connections Rods
- Connecting rods are available in MOC of Aluminium, Leaded bronze, SG Iron& Forging.
- All the Connecting rods are machined on both the sides. Centre distance between big end & small end is maintained for perfect straightness & perfect boring of big end & small end.
- Big end & small end of connecting rods are perfectly bored so as to match original clearances with steel bush for Air cooled unit & aluminium / Bronze floating bushes for water cooled unit.
- The above Connecting Rods are available ex-stock & ready for shipment in case of urgency.
- The forged connecting rods are drilled internally perfect to maintain lubrication & oil pressure of unit.
Valve & Valve parts
These are two types of channel valves, Rectangular & Round valves. Both type of valves are used in reciprocating type compressors. These valves are available for Lubricated & Non-lubricated type of units. Exclusive designs of Valve seat, Stop plate, Plate seat so that to maximum flow is utilized & perfect sealing ensured. Holder guide (metallic) are highest quality machined with OEM tolerance which can significantly improve life of the valves. Plate seat are of stainless steel, heat treated, perfectly micro finished on both the side and lapped.
Concentric valves are ready for shipment. Valve seat , Stop plate and Valve bolts are matching with OEM specifications.
Valve plates are properly heat treated & Micro finished for leak proof valve assembly. Spring plates , Finger valves & spacer plates are also heat treated, ground and engineered to give best operating efficiency against High pressure & high temperature of unit.
Compressors rider rings
- Available ready stock in various grades.
- For lubricated compressor individual cast iron piston ring with 45 degree Angle cut / glass filled PTFE Piston ring available ex-stock. Our piston rings are having perfect roundness & spring tension as per the applications, customer’s requirement & long life.
- For Non lubricated unit Piston Rings & Wearing Rings (Guide Rings) are available with carbon filled PTFE, Bronze filled PTFE & thermoplastics.
- Unloader piston rings are also available in glass filled PTFE & Bronze Metallic rings.
- We supply any type of Piston Rings & Guide Rings with MOC cast iron, PTFE, thermoplastic in any size as per specifications ,drawings, sample provided by customer.
Compressors Air suction filters & oil filters
- Suction Air filters for Air cooled compressor & water cooled compressors For I/R & KPC available ex-stock as per OEM specifications
- Panel filters with silencers with 5 micron efficiency & paper filter element With 25 micron efficiency and complete filters with body are also available Ready stock.
- All types of Oil filters for above compressors are ready stock for immediate shipment.
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