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Overview & Features
The ARO Electronic Interface Pump is an air-operated diaphragm pump that provide accurate, electronically controlled dosing. Paired with the ARO Controller, ARO Electronic Interface Diaphragm pumps assure consistent flow rates and pinpoint control for a myriad of fluids and applications, from chemical treatment to commercial laundry.
- Configurable for use with the ARO Controller
- Built-in solenoid control seamlessly integrates with other electronic components
- Internal cycle counter and end-of-stroke pressure signals track end-of-stroke feedback and pump data
- Leak detection option detects diaphragm failure to help reduce costly production downtime
- Factory-installed cycle counter and leak detection kits
- Preassembled components for hassle-free and error-proof installation
- Lube-free design and fewer parts for easy maintenance and repairs
- Multiple sizes accommodate virtually any process, fluid or viscosity
- Five-year warranty
Voltage Options
- 120VAC, 110VAC and 60VDC
- 12VDC, 24VAC and 22VAC
- 240VAC, 220VAC and 120VDC
- 24VDC, 48VAC and 44VAC
ATEX Compliance
- To meet ATEX Zone 1 requirements, three solenoid options are available: 12VDC, 24VDC and 220VAC.
No-Coil Solenoid
- For customers who prefer to use our solenoid with their own coil.
Standard Valve Block
- Standard Electronic Control Diaphragm pump without solenoid control. Offers the option to add add leak detection and end-of-stroke cycle sensing.
Leak Detection Sensors
Refractive infrared light sensors continuously monitor the air-side of the diaphragm and signal if fluid enters the air side of the diaphragm housing.
Cycle Sensors
Optional cycle sensors provide closed contact output to monitor pump operation and provide end-of-stroke data on cycle and flow rates. They also help provide preventive maintenance reminders.
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